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Our Sewing Seeds team supported the church during the Covid pandemic with successful church project. The team made 65 chair covers to help designate "social distancing" chairs in order to further comply with safety directives and encourage our church family to return with a feeling of peace and safety. Huge THANK YOU's to Christine,Dolores, Kim, Karen, Stephanie, Deborah, and Monique for this most successful endeavor.   


Sewing Seeds


We had one of our workshops to make "Cooling Scarves" for our elderly and needy. Thanks to all who attended: Pastor Ev and Jean, Linda Mathis, Dolores Moody, Donna Crawford, Christine Wells, Lora Kimsey, Monique Bulsterbaum and guests Deborah Shyhol and Karen Talley. To date over 300 scarves were made and have been distributed to the needy, homeless veterans, and Mesa and Apache Junction residents. 

Contact us if you would like to join our group.

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Baby and children's bibs made by our own Sue McGill and "handy dandy" hand towels made by Sandy Luther and Monique Bulsterbaum.

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Everyone is encouraged to share the talents God has given you with those in need. You may attend the Sewing Seeds meetings or work from home.  Serving our community and providing beautiful hand-made products such as these two mats made out of plastic bags.These items are a blessing to all who receive them.

For more information, contact the church office.

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On the left are a couple of senior bibs with "CLASS".

On the right are bags in which are personal supplies such as shampoo, tooth paste and brush, soaps, combs, and other items of need. Once the items are gone, the bags are used as needed.

Below are other various items made by our Sewing Seeds volunteers!

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