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Serving our community - providing hope to all

Our water drive for the Genesis Project, who helps the homeless in many ways, was a great success this summer. Thank you to all who donate to help those less fortunate in our city during the extreme summer heat.
Image by Johnny Brown
School Kids
We continue to partner with PROJECT HELP to benefit the middle school and high school students of Apache Junction. We provide assistance for numerous school supplies and other needs for our community's school kids.  
Our monthly support of Good News Jail & Prison Ministries makes an impact on many men in the local prison system. The Gospel is brought to them and they are ministered to in a time of dire need. This may be the only love, hope, and help some prisoners get.
Hope Women's Center is another of the local ministries Crossroads supports regularly. Their mission is to engage, encourage, and equip vulnerable women and adolescent girls by providing support for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through material and spiritual support, and education. 
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